2016 Year End Awards

Congrats to the winners of our 2016 Year End Awards!

Novice Winners (buckle sponsored by Peachland Wildfires Drill Team):
1.     Linda Brooks
2.     Danielle Hall
3.     Jordyn Birakowski
4.     Melanie Gauthier
5.     Chloe Wheeler
6.     Mya Tarr

Pee Wee Winners (buckle sponsored by Sunshine Pet Supplies):
1.     Sidney Renaud
2.     Kadence McCafferty

Junior Winners (buckle sponsored by Greyback Construction):
1.     Aryane Larocque
2.     Kendal Brooks
3.     Penny Hinton
4.     Payton Ramage
5.     Jordan Lepine
6.     Adele Ingram-Ewing

Youth Winners (buckle sponsored by GRM Inc.):
1.     Emily Jones
2.     Madison St. Pierre

Senior Winners (buckle sponsored by TNI The Network Inc.):
1.     Candice Cook
2.     Kalin Keller
3.     Loree Currie
4.     Calista Collins
5.     Jessie Tarr
6.     Diana Shore



Note to Recipients

You must attend the Year End Banquet to receive your awards. Written permission must be approved by a director if this can not happen. In case of this happening you must have someone there to receive on your behalf. If this is not done then award will be given to next person in line.


If you are interested in sponsoring Year End Awards, please contact our Year End Awards Director,

Tera–Lee Caverlytcaverly@shaw.ca