General Rules and Regulations

Peachland Riding Club has adopted the C.E.F. rules and regulations as a guideline. When those rules do not apply we will then go the Peachland Riding Club Rule Book. You can purchase C.E.F. Rules through Horse Council. Peachland Riding Club Rules can be purchased through the President for a $5.00 Fee.

All decisions must be made by 3 or more of the executives on the board.

All riding members of the Peachland Riding Club MUST be a member of Horse Council of B.C. Also anyone riding in any of the shows and/or competitions at the Peachland Riding Club must be a member of the HCBC.

There will be no use of inappropriate or foul language at any time while at a show and/or competition.

There will be no mistreating and/or abuse of animals including unnecessary roughness and/or excessive spurring and/or whipping.

No tying of horses to anything other then specified hitching posts.

All dogs must be kept on a leash at all times and cleaned up after at all times.

Age Categories as of January 1st of the year
Senior - 19 & Over
Youth - 15 to 18
Junior - 11 to 14
Pee Wee - 10 & Under
Novice - Based on rider not horse, any age rider, may ride in Novice for 2 years, includes Pee Wees still on a lead line.

Helmets for Pee Wees are MANDATORY!

In order to vote on a decision for the Peachland Riding Club you must be present.

The board of Executives will be elected yearly at the Annual General Meeting held in November of every year.

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$4.00 per class or $25.00 for the day for members
$5.00 per class or $35.00 for the day for non-members
$5.00 for Jackpot race if participates want to attend
$10.00 Administration fee will apply to all who participate in the shows
$5.00 for pens, $10.00 for overnight
$10.00 for stalls, $20.00 for overnight
Bedding for Pens and Stalls is extra and there is a $20.00 for deposit

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Gymkhana Rules


No use of inappropriate of foul language

No mistreating or abuse of animals - this includes excessive spurring and/or whipping and unnecessary roughness

Walk only in all areas other then warm up pens

Walk through the gate at all times - Not doing so will result in an automatic DQ

All riders jumping must wear a helmet

No tying of horses to anything other then specified hitching posts

Keep your horse a safe distance from other horses and/or spectators

All equipment is to be put away after use.

Barrels are to be run in the opposite direction when practicing

All dogs are to be on a leash

Dress Code - Proper Western wear and/or proper English Wear. This includes hat and/or helmet, boots, long sleeved shirt with a visible collar, etc.

Close all gates when leaving the arena

You must attend 4 out of 6 on the same horse rider combination in order to qualify for year end awards. Exception will be if your horse is vetted out - vet report required. Or your horse is sold.

Everyone have a wonderful year. If you would like a full copy of the rules contact Darlene and she will get them for you. Have fun, and Happy Riding.

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Arena and
    Grounds Rules

You must walk your horses through the gate at all times.

All horses are to be walked through the Riding Club grounds. Always be conscious of other horses and/or people around you at all times.

No horses are allowed in concession area or spectator area.

All equipment is to be put away after use.

All gates should be closed upon departure of the Riding Club.

Contestants should be ready and at the gate when your name is called to enter the ring.

Riders are allowed to enter as many horses as they wish.

Two people can ride the same horse no matter of age division. One horse may not run more than twice in each event.

Ribbons are presented to 6th Place.

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Tack and Attire Rules

Proper Western and/or English Wear.  This means Cowboy Hat or Helmet, proper boots with heel. For Western: sleeveless, short or long sleeve shirt, but must have a collar.

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Year End Awards

Peachland Riding Club is a Buckle Series Gymkhana Club. Buckles will be presented to all 1st place winners for the year. All other prizes are at the discretion of the executives for that year.

Year End Awards are only open to Peachland Riding Club Members that have attended 4 out of 6 Gymkhanas on the same horse/rider combination. Exceptions are: Horse is vetted out, Horse is sold or out for training. Written confirmation is required in order to keep your points for the year.

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