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July 27th -
Saddle Series

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May/June Newsletter

Wow!!!!! What a great first Gymkhana we had at the end of April. We had a turnout of 55 Riders and 57 Horses. Best ever as far as I can remember. Well it took us all a little off guard for the first event of the year but we will have that under control for the next one that’s for sure. We would like to thank all of our Volunteers that came out that day and helped your executive team put on a great day. Thank you!!!!!

What’s Coming Up

June 1st – Gymkhana with a 9:00am start. To make things go faster remember that you can fill in the Gymkhana Forms on line, print and bring in. This saves you a lot of time at registration time. People will now be in the computer so this helps too. Please remember that everyone was given 2 sponsorship forms at the first Gymkhana so if you can bring those in that would be great!! Help us make your year end a successful one.

June 1st – Saddle Series Race 2. Approximate start is ½ hour after the Gymkhana is done. You can give any of the executives a call during the day to find out how things are going if you don’t want to show up for the slated 4:00 we figure we are to be done by. We need a couple of sponsor’s for this event so if anyone has some contacts that would be great!!

June 29th – Gymkhana with a 9:00am start.

June 30th – Canada Day Float Decorating with a 7:00pm start until it’s all done. This will be going on at Chevallier’s Arena in Peachland. Anyone that is interested in being in the Parade please contact our Vice President Liz Hinton.

July 1st – Double Header Barrel Race and Roping Event. For more information on this you can contact Sandy Chevallier at sandylw@shaw.ca. There will be a concession on site and loads of fun for everyone.

Remember everyone that this is your club so if you want to see something happen let us know.

Till we see you June 1st. Happy Riding

Posted by Darlene, May 21, 2014

April/May Newsletter

April /May Newsletter Wow our season is here!!! Gotta love the nice weather we have been having that’s for sure. Just in time for the first Event of the year.

Spring Clean Up and Barbeque!!!

Saturday April 26th at 10:00 am till approx. 2:00 pm

We will be doing raking, painting, maintenance of the grounds that needs to be done, etc.

Please bring your gloves, racks and trucks if you can.

After the Clean up we will have hotdogs and refreshments for all our great volunteers.

Gymkhana Number One and Saddle Series

Sunday April 27th at 9:00 am
Registration starts at 8:00 am
Saddle Series will start approximately ½ hour after Gymkhana ends.

Everyone is welcome to come and participate and cheer everyone on. Please check our calendar for all other dates.

PRC Executive Meeting

Next meeting will be held on May 12th at 6:30 pm at the Riding Club.

The next meeting is posted after our previous one so keep checking the calendar if you choose to come to a meeting and give us your input.

Back Country Horseman Association

They will be through a Clinic on t 16th, 17th, and 18th if anyone is interested. Check out the NEW Calendar for all the contact info and information about the clinic.

Lamberton Memorial Race

This will be on May 31st. Contact info is on our Calendar for this Race.

We will also be trying to put together a Tack Sale for this weekend for our Second Gymkhana is the next day. If you are interested in renting a table please contact Darlene at ddpappas@shaw.ca or give her a call at 250-462-0169.

Hope to see everyone for the first real event of the year!!!

Happy Riding

Posted by Darlene, April 21, 2014

April Newsletter

April Newsletter Wow your executive team has been busy making sure that you are all going to have a great year this year.

Chevalliers Arena is putting on a Beginner Gymkhana Clinic on the 12th and 13th of April for those of you that would like to know what is involved in a Gymkhana. Get a hold of Sandy Chevallier at sandylw@shaw.ca for more info on this.

The Spring Clean Up has been changed to the 26th of April for we all do not want to be volunteering or working on the grounds on Easter Weekend! Something none of us apparently looked at when we set the date. We will start at 10:00 and go to about 2:00pm. We will have hot dogs and chips with refreshments for all that show up and give us a helping hand.

Please come out and help your team get the club ready for another successful year. We have a lot of raking to do and painting to get done. We also have the old fence from last year that got torn down that we need to clean up. More info will come as soon as it comes to light. I will keep you posted.

The grounds have actually weathered the winter pretty good but there will still be lots to do for people so bring your trucks, wheel barrels, rakes, gloves and strong backs please.

First Gymkhana of the year will be the 27th. Scheduled for a 9:00am start time with Regstration starting around 8:15am. Remember you can fill your forms out on line for the day and just bring. So much quicker for all involved. Remember also if you have not sent in your memeberships for this year they also can be filled out and brought to the first Gymkhana.

The Back Country Horseman’s Association will be holding a Clinic at the Club on May 16th to the 18th. More info will come closer to the date. If you are into overnight packing with your horse or trail rides in general this will be a good Clinic to come out for. If you are not involved in this please respect them and stay away from the grounds.

The City has put a new roof on our outdoor bathrooms this year. Thank you City of Peachland!

Things that are coming up and to look forward to in May are:
Back Country Horseman’s Association Clinic
Lamberton Memorial Race
Tack Sale!!!!

Happy Riding and see you all on the 26th

Posted by Darlene, March 27, 2014

March Newsletter

The snow is going away thank god!!!

Well we are going to be getting started on our 2014 season here pretty soon. Feels good to get back into it. I have heard rumor that some of you have been barrel racing in this miserable weather. Good for you.

Upcoming in March is just our Executive Meeting on the 24th 6:30pm up at the Riding Club. All are welcome to attend if you want to. Your input in your club is appreciated and welcomed.

For April we have our Spring Clean Up and Barbeque on the 20th from 10:00 am till we are all done. Usually around 2:00. Please bring your truck, racks, wheel barrows and gloves. We usually clean up all the grounds from what winter has left us, check the picnic tables and paint if necessary, clean up the club house and get it ready for the first event, pull weeds and general clean up. We will have a barbeque going with hot dogs, chips and pop for all that come out and give us a hand.

Our First Gymkhana of the year is scheduled for April 27th will be a 9:00am start with an 8:00am Registration. If you can please go to website and pre fill in your memberships for the year. Also you can do your Gymkhana form on line too. Everything this year can be typed in and printed off. Makes things faster and the Registration people can read things easier. Thank you for your co-operation.

Saddle Series will start approximately ½ hour after the Gymkhana. Those forms too are on the website to pre-fill in. Going to be a great year this year for the series. More money, more prizes, more fun!!!!! We are still looking for someone to take over the Saddle Series for Sandy so if you are interested please give her an email at sandylw@shaw.ca. I know she would really appreciate the help for she really wants to ride this year.

Happy riding everyone and see you at the Spring Clean Up

Posted by Darlene, March 20, 2014

February Newsletter

Hi Everybody!!

So who’s done with winter? Haven’t been out riding a lot this winter? Too Cold? Well our season is going to be starting soon. Yaaa

If you haven’t checked out the website lately (In the past week) be sure to do so. Make sure you hit the refresh button for a lot of things have changed on it and you may not be able to see them unless you do so.

Your Executive Committee has been really busy over the winter getting ready for the upcoming season.

For those of you who did not attend the AGM here is your Executive Team for this year. Any questions their emails are under the contact list.

President/Rental Director – Jesse Capp

Vice President – Liz Hinton

Treasurer/ Corresponding Director – Darlene Pappas

Recording Secretary/Rodeo Director – Sandy Chevallier

Gymkhana Director – Kristy Capp

Year End Awards Director – Tera-Lee Caverly

Saddle Series Awards Director – Lisa Nowell

Media Director – Loree Currie

Website Director – Tamora Davy

We are still looking for someone to take over the Saddle Series Everyone so if you can help out please get a hold of Sandy Chevallier. She could really use someone to step up for this one!

Our first event for this year is our Annual Spring Clean-up Barbeque and Lunch – Scheduled will be having a barbeque at lunch so it should be a lot of fun. Bring your racks, wheel barrels, gloves, trucks to dump stuff and cleaning stuff. It shouldn’t be too bad this spring for we did an awesome job from 10:00 am till about 2:00pm. Guess it all depends on how quickly we work. We last year of keeping up on stuff! Hope to see you all there. Mark your Calendars.

Also in April will be our first Gymkhana of the Year – Scheduled for April 27th start time. This year all forms are on the website and you can type everything in and just bring to the with a 9:00 am club for that day. Memberships and your Gymkhana Forms. HCBC can be done on line at a discount.

This will be extremely helpful for the secretary for sometimes it is hard to read your writing. :) If you know of anybody that you think would like to become a member let them know.

Remember you get a discount if Memberships are in before the end of March. Take advantage of the money savings and rush on the first day for it’s always a little hectic.

Remember everyone this is your club so if you have ideas or want to see something happen you got to let your directors know.

One of the things we would like to do this year is have a tack sale at one of the Gymkhanas. Anyone want to work on this? Give Darlene an email for details (ddpappas@shaw.ca).

Posted by Darlene, February 11, 2014

November/December Newsletter

Hi Everyone!!! Make sure you read the whole newsletter for there is some important upcoming stuff going on that all will be interested in.

Pub Night

Well we had our annual Pub Night and what a blast that was. Everyone had a really good time and the Club had an awesome fundraiser once again. Thank you to the following people for putting it on and for helping put it all together:

The Business Sponsors and the Personal Sponsors
The Edge Water Pub – Peachland for letting us have it there
Trecho DeMattos
Teresa Sorenson
Diana and Sandy Chevallier
Lisa and Darlene Nowell
Jackie Sutherland

AGM, Dinner, Awards and Dance

Our next event that went on was the AGM, Dinner, Awards and Dance on the 16th of November. Thank you to the following people for helping to get this all organized and for helping the night of for all to enjoy:

Trecho DeMattos
Sandy Chevallier
Lisa Nowell
Loree Curee
Jesse Capp
Carl Woods
Dean Pappas

Thank you to Danjo Ranch (Dave and Anda) for putting on an awesome Dinner!!! We will be looking forward to have you back in our concession next year.

Our New Executive Team for the 2014 Year!!!

President – Jesse Capp
Vice-President – Liz Hinton
Treasurer – Darlene Pappas
Recording Secretary – Sandy Chevallier
Correspondence Secretary – Darlene Pappas
Gymkhana Director – Loree Currie
Awards Director – Kristy Capp
Rodeo Director – Sandy Chevallier
Saddle Series Director – Still Open
Media Director – Loree Currie
Website – Tamora Davy
Phoning Director – Still
Open Rental Director – Still Open
Maintenance Director – Still Open

Upcoming this Year!!!!

This year you are going to be able to sign up for all your forms on the computer. We ask that you use this so that our administration department doesn’t have such a hard time reading everybodies writing. You just fill everything in and then print it off and mail to 5380 Princeton Avenue or you can scan and email to ddpappas@shaw.ca our Treasurer and Corresponding Secretary. Administration will be so happy. You too I would think for then you’re not wasting time come event day.

Gymkhana Forms
Saddle Series
Legal Documents
Rental Forms

Tentative 2014 Dates

These dates that are here are only tentative and when they have been discussed and finalized we will be putting it up on the calendar on the website.

April 20th Spring Clean Up – 10:00-2:00pm
April 27th 1st Gymkhana of the Year



July 25-26 2nd Annual Little Britches Rodeo



October 10-12 High School Rodeo Thanksgiving Weekend
Winter Clean Up -10:00-2:00pm

Awards Night – 6:00- when we stop


AGM for the 2014 Year

Well everyone that is it for now. Hope everyone had a really good year and we look forward to seeing you in April if not sooner. Keep your eyes on the website for we have our members events on there too and they have some great stuff coming up.

Darlene Pappas

Posted by Darlene, November 30, 2013

October/November Newsletter

October 6th Gymkhana

What a fun day for our last Gymkhana of the year.  The day was nice as far as weather goes and we had a lot of great riders and horses out for the event.  We couldn’t believe the amount of time and effort that went into our Halloween Class.  Way to go to all of you! It was awesome to see all the contestants and their horses done up for the event.  Congratulations to the top three.  Hope you enjoy your prizes!!

A big thank you to all the volunteers that helped on this day to make everything go smoothly.  Thank you to Tera-Lee Caverly for bringing all the Halloween Decorations for the registration area.  You all are not unnoticed that is for sure.

Now that the year is over for the Gymkhanas we can prepare to award the top 6 in each Division for the year.  Remember you had to attend 4 out of 6 Gymkhanas on the same horse/rider combination to qualify for awards.  Tickets for the evening will be available from Darlene at Penticton Auto Glass for the South Competitors, Sandy Chevallier at Chevallier’s Arena in Peachland for the Local Competitors and Trecho DeMattos of Westbank will have tickets for those Competitors that live North of Peachland.  These will be coming out shortly.  If you have any door prizes for the evening please feel free to bring them along!!!

Saddle Series

The Saddle Series that ran this year was fun for all involved.  First place received a Saddle that everyone was admiring throughout the year and we gave prizes out to 6th place.  This all happened at our last race on October 6th.    Congratulations to the winners and hope to see you and many more riders next year!!!

1st Place – Charla Nikkels
2nd Place – Angelica Moline
3rd Place – Toneisha Stukel
4th Place – Diana Chevallier
5th Place – Sandy Lewis
6th Place – Danika Caverley

October 11th to 13th 6th Annual High School Rodeo

Our last major horsey event of the year.  This year we had really nice weather which was nice for a change.  Everyone seemed to have had a good time and no serious issues arose.  Got to like it when a plan comes together.  Thank you to Sandy Chevallier for organizing this wonderful event and thank you to the countless volunteers this year that made it all the smoother for us to run.  Your help is very much appreciated and invaluable.  Thank you again.  Thank you to the sponsors for this event and to the people that helped get them on board.  Without them we could not pull off what we do!!!  All the steal that was purchased this year was a blessing and will make things run a lot smoother for years to come.

October 27th Winter Clean Up

This will on from 10:00 am to 2:00pm.  We will need to put a few things away for the year and clean up the grounds a little bit.  The clubhouse is cleaned so it will just be outside stuff to take care of.  We have had a lot of events this year so this should not take too long to get done.  Bring your gloves and rakes!

October 28th Executive Meeting

This meeting will be quite lengthy for we will be discussing the Pub Night and AGM that is coming up.  We will discuss who wants to stay on as an Executive and/or Director and what positions will still need to be filled.  As of right now all I know for sure is that I will be staying on as Treasurer and Website person for the Club for next year.  Guess we will find out the rest after this meeting as to what positions will need filling.  Suspense doesn’t it kill ya?  Anyone who would like to become involved with any of these positions please let us know! These are the positions. 

Vice President
Treasurer – Darlene Pappas
Gymkhana Director
Rodeo Director
Saddle Series Director
Awards Director
Maintenance Director
Website Director – Tamora Davy and Darlene Pappas
Facebook Director
Advertising Director

November 2nd Pub Night

This is our biggest fund raiser of the year.  This event is shared between the two divisions of the Club – Rodeo and Gymkhana.  Thank you to Trecho and Teresa for putting this event together for us every year.  You do a great job!  Tickets are already up for grabs.  Darlene at Penticton Auto Glass has tickets for the South people, Sandy Chevallier, Jesse Capp and Loree Currie have them for the local Peachland people and Trecho will have tickets for anybody that side of Peachland.

This year we will be supporting our local Pub the Edgewater Inn right down town on Beach Avenue.  You get your choice of 4 different entries and either a beer or glass of wine.  There will be lots to do and a live band will be playing so it should be a great time had by all!!!!  Hope to see your there.

November 16th AGM/Dinner/Awards and Dance

Every year we recognize our top 6 competitors in each of our Divisions.  Nervous Novice, Seniors, Youth, Juniors and Pee Wees.  We give out some great prizes to the top 6 of each Division for their hard work, dedication and fun!!!  We also have a Sportsmanship, Most Improved and new this year Volunteer of the Year Award.  We recognize our Executives and Directors for all their work throughout the year and in general just have a great time where nobody has to work just have fun!!!!  Come out and enjoy tickets will come out shortly for this event.  I will keep you posted.

AGM/Dinner/Awards and Dance
November 16th at the Clubhouse
AGM 4:00pm
Social before Dinner 5:00pm
Dinner 6:00pm
Awards 7:00pm
Dance to Follow

Posted by Darlene, October 25, 2013



Welcome to the
     Peachland Riding Club

Peachland Riding Club (PRC) is located in beautiful Peachland British Columbia. We have over 8 acres of gorgeous park land with a multitude of trails, a oversized main arena and 2 huge warm-up arenas. We have a full concession on site and a beautiful Clubhouse that holds approximately 110 people and hosts all sorts of different events. In 2008 we built a new announcers building; a great addition which is a 2-story facility that gives timers and announcers a great panoramic view of the whole arena. The Peachland Riding Club grounds and clubhouse are a great place for your next function (Rental Info).

Our club was founded in 1969 and has grown ever since. Besides the monthly Gymkhana Shows that we hold throughout the riding season, we now also hold other events such as Western Heritage, Can Trek, Little Britches and High School Rodeos. Our club also participates in Peachland's 2 yearly parades.

Thank you for visiting us and please feel free to leave us a comment or suggestion and if you need to get a hold of anyone check out the contacts list for further info.

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