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September Newsletter

Well everybody we are down to our last Gymkhana of the year on September the 14th with a 9:00am Start.  We have had a wonderful turnout this year with riders, horses and our great volunteers.  Hope to see everyone there for the next and last one of 2014!  Remember you had to come to 4 of the 6 Gymkhanas on the same horse to qualify for Awards so if you only 3 you better be there.  Don’t forget you can fill your Gymkhana Forms in on line and email to Darlene at ddpappas@shaw.ca.  This makes things easier and faster come registration.

Saddle Series Race will also be done on September 14th.  Prizes will be handed out that day with the winner receiving a saddle!! It’s a really close race so make sure you come out and join in on the fun for you never know what can happen.
We ordered new bleachers this year for the club and they need to get put together before our High School Rodeo.  Along with a few work parties that will be going on this month also.  Please take a look at the calendar to see what dates these are going to be happening.  If you can we would love the help.

Our High School Rodeo is coming up again on Thanksgiving Weekend.  If you know of anyone that would like to help sponsor this event please get a hold of Sandy Chevallier, Diana Chevallier or Darlene Pappas.  Make sure if you want to be in this Rodeo you contact Sandy Chevallier on call in night.  Check the calendar for more information on this.  Stalls will be also call in to Darlene Pappas along with Turkey Dinners.  If you are coming out just to enjoy the Rodeo you can get tickets through Darlene by emailing her at ddpappas@shaw.ca.  All orders need to be in 1 week prior to the event.

Our Pub Night is coming up on November the 8th.  It is going to be held at the Edge Water Pub again this year to help support our local businesses that help support us!  Tickets will go on sale soon with Darlene Pappas will have some in West Bank at 1st Class Auto Glass & Upholstery ( Right across from the bottle depot) and Sandy Chevallier will have some up at the Chevallier Farm up Trepanier Road in Peachland.  Tickets will be $20.00 again and just to remind everyone this is our biggest fund raiser of the year.  If anyone has any donations they would like to help out with that would be awesome.  Contact Sandy, Diana or Darlene.

Our Awards Night, Dinner and Dance is going to be on the 22nd of November at the Peachland Riding Club again this year.  We hope to have a really good turnout.  Check the calendar for more information on this also soon.  Tickets for this event will also be available through Darlene Pappas, Sandy Chevallier and Jesse Capp closer to the date.  No AGM this year for we have changed our year end to December 31st.

Membership Packages will be going out just after the New Year so keep your eyes open for them. 

Well that’s it for now.  See everyone on Sunday!!!!

Posted by Darlene, September 30, 2014

May/June Newsletter

Wow!!!!! What a great first Gymkhana we had at the end of April. We had a turnout of 55 Riders and 57 Horses. Best ever as far as I can remember. Well it took us all a little off guard for the first event of the year but we will have that under control for the next one that’s for sure. We would like to thank all of our Volunteers that came out that day and helped your executive team put on a great day. Thank you!!!!!

What’s Coming Up

June 1st – Gymkhana with a 9:00am start. To make things go faster remember that you can fill in the Gymkhana Forms on line, print and bring in. This saves you a lot of time at registration time. People will now be in the computer so this helps too. Please remember that everyone was given 2 sponsorship forms at the first Gymkhana so if you can bring those in that would be great!! Help us make your year end a successful one.

June 1st – Saddle Series Race 2. Approximate start is ½ hour after the Gymkhana is done. You can give any of the executives a call during the day to find out how things are going if you don’t want to show up for the slated 4:00 we figure we are to be done by. We need a couple of sponsor’s for this event so if anyone has some contacts that would be great!!

June 29th – Gymkhana with a 9:00am start.

June 30th – Canada Day Float Decorating with a 7:00pm start until it’s all done. This will be going on at Chevallier’s Arena in Peachland. Anyone that is interested in being in the Parade please contact our Vice President Liz Hinton.

July 1st – Double Header Barrel Race and Roping Event. For more information on this you can contact Sandy Chevallier at sandylw@shaw.ca. There will be a concession on site and loads of fun for everyone.

Remember everyone that this is your club so if you want to see something happen let us know.

Till we see you June 1st. Happy Riding

Posted by Darlene, May 21, 2014

April/May Newsletter

April /May Newsletter Wow our season is here!!! Gotta love the nice weather we have been having that’s for sure. Just in time for the first Event of the year.

Spring Clean Up and Barbeque!!!

Saturday April 26th at 10:00 am till approx. 2:00 pm

We will be doing raking, painting, maintenance of the grounds that needs to be done, etc.

Please bring your gloves, racks and trucks if you can.

After the Clean up we will have hotdogs and refreshments for all our great volunteers.

Gymkhana Number One and Saddle Series

Sunday April 27th at 9:00 am
Registration starts at 8:00 am
Saddle Series will start approximately ½ hour after Gymkhana ends.

Everyone is welcome to come and participate and cheer everyone on. Please check our calendar for all other dates.

PRC Executive Meeting

Next meeting will be held on May 12th at 6:30 pm at the Riding Club.

The next meeting is posted after our previous one so keep checking the calendar if you choose to come to a meeting and give us your input.

Back Country Horseman Association

They will be through a Clinic on t 16th, 17th, and 18th if anyone is interested. Check out the NEW Calendar for all the contact info and information about the clinic.

Lamberton Memorial Race

This will be on May 31st. Contact info is on our Calendar for this Race.

We will also be trying to put together a Tack Sale for this weekend for our Second Gymkhana is the next day. If you are interested in renting a table please contact Darlene at ddpappas@shaw.ca or give her a call at 250-462-0169.

Hope to see everyone for the first real event of the year!!!

Happy Riding

Posted by Darlene, April 21, 2014



Welcome to the
     Peachland Riding Club

Peachland Riding Club (PRC) is located in beautiful Peachland British Columbia. We have over 8 acres of gorgeous park land with a multitude of trails, a oversized main arena and 2 huge warm-up arenas. We have a full concession on site and a beautiful Clubhouse that holds approximately 110 people and hosts all sorts of different events. In 2008 we built a new announcers building; a great addition which is a 2-story facility that gives timers and announcers a great panoramic view of the whole arena. The Peachland Riding Club grounds and clubhouse are a great place for your next function (Rental Info).

Our club was founded in 1969 and has grown ever since. Besides the monthly Gymkhana Shows that we hold throughout the riding season, we now also hold other events such as Western Heritage, Can Trek, Little Britches and High School Rodeos. Our club also participates in Peachland's 2 yearly parades.

Thank you for visiting us and please feel free to leave us a comment or suggestion and if you need to get a hold of anyone check out the contacts list for further info.

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