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Becoming a

Peachland Riding Club could not function without the support of it's Volunteers and Sponsors. If you are interested, contact us.

Year End Banquet

November 14th Peachland Riding Club

Sandy Chevallier of Chevalliers Arena in Peachland, Darlene at 1st Class Auto Glass in West Kelowna, Jesse Capp and Loree Currie all have tickets. Tera-Lee has ticket for those of you in the South.

Tickets are $20.00 Adults $10.00 for kids 6-10 Free for children under 5

AGM starts at 4:00pm - anyone wishing to become a Director must be at the AGM

Social is from 5:00 - 6:00 - appies will be out and Bar will be open

Dinner is from 6:00 -7:00 - Danjo Ranch will be suppling the dinner this year

Awards and Dance goes from 7:00 to when we close it down.

Remember that any members that are receiving awards must be at the banquet and dressed in Western Attire for pictures. If you are unable to attend please send Tera-Lee a written notice and who will be picking up your prize.

In order to be eligible for year end prizes you must have attended 4 of the 6 Gymkhanas in the 2015 Season. Same horse and rider combination unless your horse was sold or vetted out.

Posted by Darlene (Corresponding Secretary), November 6, 2015

Pub Night

Last Events of the Year!!!

November 7th starting at 5:00pm Edgewater Pub in Peachland

Sandy Chevallier of Chevallier's Arena in Peachland and Darlene at 1st Class Auto Glass in Westbank (2710 Kyle Road) both have tickets. Tera-Lee has tickets for everyone in the South.

Tickets are $20.00 and include dinner and a drink. Dinner is your choice of: Cheese Burger and Fries Chicken Fingers and Fries Chicken Ceaser Salad

Silent and Chinese Auction - If you have items please let Darlene know so she can be ready for them. ddpappas@shaw.ca or text her at 250-462-0169

50/50 Draws - These funds go towards our High School Scholorship Fund

42" Smart TV Draw - Tickets are $5.00 and winner will be announced that night.

Posted by Darlene (Corresponding Secretary), November 1, 2015

November Newsletter

Well the Weekend of our last two Gymkhanas and Saddle Series Races went absolutely terrific.  We had over 30 Riders and Horses each day for the Gymkhana and over 35 entrered each day for the Saddle Series. 

Our Spagetti Dinner went over well and thank you to Sylvie for helping get the dinner out, Kim Feist and Lisa Nowell for Cleaning up the kitchen and anybody else I did not know about that helped out with this great event. 

The sleep over was also a huge success. 

Thank you Candace Chevallier for staying in the Clubhouse with all the kids and keeping them safe.

Thank you Marijenel for bringing up crafts for the kids to do.  It looked like they had a wonderful time.

Thank you to Diana Chevallier, Christine and Anna for taking over our concession this weekend.  Much better then the pizza we would of ordered.  You ladies did an awesome job on such short notice.

Thank you to the countless volunteers that were out there all weekend opening gates and picking up barrels or poles.  A list never got done as to who was where but THANK YOU. Without volunteers our executive team would have a very difficult time running these events.

We had a fantastic Costume class.  Thank you to everyone that participated I know our judges had a heck of a time picking the winners.

Pee Wee 1st – Penny Hinton was a rocking horse
Pee Wee 2nd – Kadence McCafferty as an Elf
Pee Wee 3rd – Grady Parsons was a Scary Fighter

Nervous Novice  1st – Amanda Capuano with Makayla and Danika as the Cute Minions
Nervous Novice 2nd – Chloe Wheeler as Dead guy
Nervous Novice 3rd – Isabelle Hinton was a little mermaid

Junior 1st – Vanessa Caverly – Mad Scientist
Junior 2nd – Adele Ingram-Ewing as a Zebra
Junior 3rd – Payton Ramage as a Hippy

Youth 1st – Madison St Pierre as the Runaway Bride

Overall Winner was Vanessa Caverly as the Mad Scientist!!
Saddle Series Winner is Angelica Sure

Winning a beautiful Proven Saddle. 
Congrats to you and little baby.

2nd Place
3rd Place
4th Place
5th Place
6th Place Payton Ramage

Upcoming Events

Pub Night

November 7th Peachlands Edgewater Inn
Starts at 5:00pm till we all go home
Silent Auction
Draw for a 46” TV
50/50 Tickets

Tickets are $20.00 and include your dinner and a drink
South people you can get tickets from Tera – Lee Caverly
West Kelowna, North and Peachland People can get tickets from Sandy Chevallier at the Arena


Darlene Pappas at her work 2710 Kyle Road (1st Class Auto Glass)
Anyone who has any Silent Auction Items please give Darlene a call at 250-462-0169 or just drop off at her shop – address above.

AGM, Dinner, Awards and Dance

November 14th at Peachland Riding Club

AGM starts 3:30 - 4:00pm
5:00 Drinks and Social with appies
6:00 Dinner
7:00 Awards
8:30 Dance the Night Away!!!!

Tickets are on sale with Tera–Lee Caverly, Sandy Chevallier, Jesse Capp, Loree Currie and Darlene Pappas.

Tickets are $20.00 for Adults $10.00 for kids 6-10 years and Free for kids 5 and under.

Prizes will be given out to Top 6 in each Division with the 1st Place Winner getting the Buckle of course.

You must be Present to receive your awards or they will go to next person in line.  Full Western Attire for Pictures Please.

Memberships for 2016

As everyone should know Memberships for the 2016 year are Due January 1st, 2016.  You will be getting reminders to get them filled out and into the Treasurer in the upcoming year.  Remember you get a discount if paid early.  We already have a member for 2016!!! Now that’s early.

Posted October 22, 2015

October/November/December Newsletter

Wow it is a busy busy busy couple of months coming up!!!!
Here’s what is coming up

9th Annual High School Rodeo

We will be starting this off on Friday at Noon with Build a Cowboy.  Should be a lot of fun to watch.  Next will be the Cutting and Queen Event.

Saturday and Sunday will be full day events at the Rodeo.  Full Concession on site also for those of you that get the growlies.

Any Contestants that show up at the Warriors Game with Hat and Back Numbers on get in for Free!!!

Turkey Dinner Tickets are on sale for Saturday Night - $20.00 per ticket.  If you know you will be having Dinner please get a hold of Darlene at ddpappas@shaw.ca so that she can have numbers for our caterer.  She needs to let them know by October the 5th at the very latest.  There will be a few extras in the office but don’t count on that please.

Stalls and Pens are all booked now so if you are self-penning please listen to our parking attendants as to where your stalls need to go.  Our grounds are crowded and we know how to get you all in as long as you co-operate with us.  Thank you.

5th and 6th Gymkhana and Saddle Series Event for the Year

October 17th – 5th Gymkhana of the Year.  9:00am start. 

Saddle Series Race will start approximately ½ hour after Gymkhana has ended.

Spaghetti Dinner with Ceaser Salad and Garlic Toast Fundraiser.

This fundraiser we have not done in a few years.  Anybody that is entered in the Gymkhana or the Barrel Race for the Day gets a dinner ticket for free.  You will be given at ticket at entry time so make sure you hold onto it!!  You will not be given a spare. Everybody else will have a $5.00 charge.  Where can you get a nummy dinner for only $5.00!!!  Come support the club we all love so much. 

Hey Kids Sleep over in the clubhouse!!!!  Woot Woot

October 18th – Last Gymkhana of the Year.  9:00 am start.

Halloween Gymkhana

The Halloween Costume Class will be first thing in the Morning so make sure you give yourself enough time to get ready and be on time for 9:00 am.  Western attire will be eliminated this day because of costumes but hat and/or helmet and boots are still required.  For those of you NOT dressing up full Western Attire still apply.

Remember you have to be in 4 out of 6 Gymkhanas to be eligible for Prizes. 

We are in desperate need of Sponsors for the year end awards.  Everyone was given at least 2 forms at the beginning of the year for a sponsor or two and we have not gotten anywhere near that back.  Please make sure you bring them in for these last Gymkhanas.  Our prize Director would really appreciate it.

Last Saddle Series Race of the Year

Start time is approximately ½ hour after the Gymkhana has ended.

We will be doing the awards for the Saddle Series approximately ½ hour after the race.  Monies for the day’s race will also be given out at that time so please give the office their space so they can get things done in a timely matter.

Congrats to everyone who attended the Saddle Series this year.  Hope to see you all again next year!!

Pub Night

Pub Night Tickets will be at the last two Gymkhanas and up for sale.  See Darlene in the Office.  Tickets are $20.00 and you will get dinner and a drink for that.

November 7th at The Edgewater Pub – starts at 5:00pm or when you get there.

This is our biggest Fundraiser of the year everyone so if you can get an item for the Silent Auction please let Darlene know what it is so she can be prepared.  You can get a hold of her at ddpappas@shaw.ca or you can just drop it off at her work at 1st Class Auto Glass & Upholstery – 2710 Kyle Road in West Kelowna. 

AGM/Dinner/Banquet and Dance

November 14th at the Riding Club – These times at the moment are approximate. 

You will have had to attend 4 out of 6 Gymkhana Events on the same horse and in good standing with the Riding Club to receive an award.

You must be present at the Banquet to receive your Award.  If you are unable to attend the award you MUST give Tera-Lee Caverly a written letter as to why you are not able to attend and you MUST have a representative there on your behalf to accept the Award.

AGM – 4:30
Applies and Social 5:30
Dinner – 6:00
Awards/Speeches – 7:30
Dance the Night Away 8:00 – Whenever

We need to know who would like to step up and become part of the Executive Group for the upcoming 2016 year.  We have a few of our Executive that after many years of being on the board would like to step down.

Positions that are a Must to be filled are:

Vice President
Treasurer – At present Darlene Pappas is doing this and would like to step out of it.  She will stay on board to help someone for this year.
Secretary – At Present Sandy Chevallier and Darlene Pappas both share this position.  We both would like to totally step out of this position. 
Other Positions that may be available:
Gymkhana Director
Saddle Up and Advertising Director
Maintenance Director
Rental Director


October 9 – Rodeo Start
October 10 – Rodeo and Turkey Dinner
October 11 – Last Day of Rodeo
October 17th – 5th Gymkhana, Saddle Series and Spaghetti Dinner Fundraiser
October 18th – Halloween Gymkhana, Saddle Series Race and Awards
October 24th – Winter Clean up if needed.
November 7th – Pub Night
November 14th – AGM, Dinner, Awards and Dance
January 1st – Membership Dues for 2016 Year

Everybody please remember we rely on our Volunteers so please be NICE to everyone.  Without them you would not be able have such great events going on.

Posted by Darlene (Corresponding Secretary), October 11, 2015

September/October Newsletter

We Did!!!!
Congrats to Liz and all her helpers and Riders and to the Peachland Riding Club

July Gymkhana

Well there was  a little confusion as to when this day was happening but it turned out to be a grand day.  We had 32 Riders out and 34 Horses.  Fun was had by all!

Thank you to the following people for taking some time out of their busy day to help us:

Jesse and Kristy Capp
Loree Currie
Dan Johnson
Cameron Carvan
Steve Knight
Cory Lepine
Cindal Dunkin
Caleb Cunningham
Greg and Tera Lee Caverly
Chris Hinton
Kristy Forsyth
Candace and Sandy Chevallier
Linda Parsons
If I have forgotten anybody I apologize and thank you to you to for helping make the day a success!!!

We would also like to thank the following Businesses for coming on board and  Sponsoring our Gymkhanas this year!!!

TNI in Peachland 
Marijanel Portraits.com
1st Class Auto Glass & Upholstery Ltd.
Mary Kay Cosmetics - Darlene Pappas
Global Road Maint. Inc.
Hearline Medical
John DiBernardo
Greyback Construction

We are in need of Sponsors for our Year End Awards if anyone is interested in helping with this event please get a hold of Darlene at ddpappas@shaw.ca or Tera - Lee at tcaverly@telus.net .

We want to thank T Lewis Trucking for our water
Danjo Ranch for our Concession - Your food was great.

Saddle Series

July 1st Barrel Race and Roping

What a great day.  It was hot but broken up well so people could go to the beach if they wanted.  Everyone had a great time.

BCBRA 1st Approved and then Co - Approved with  CBR and BRN4D.

Our Saddle Series this year is 8 Races.  After every Gymkhana starting at 3:30pm or 1/2 hour after the Gymkhana is over. Plus there will be a double header with a Roping event breaking up the day on July 1st.  You may contact Sandy Chevallier if you need more information on these.  Sandy will have the Race Results up on the Website as soon as she gets it done.  Please do not bug her.

Our Saddle Series Races are $100.00 Added so if anyone would like to sponsor one of these races please contact Darlene at ddpappas@shaw.ca or Sandy at sandylw@shaw.ca

Upcoming Events

Unfortunately our August 23rd Gymkhana had to be cancelled due to Smoke in the Valley.  Not good for riders or our horse buddies! Don't forget that you can fill in your gymkhana forms on line and just email them to Darlene or bring them.  Saves a ton of time for people in the mornings.

Next Saddle Series Race was also for August 23rd 3:30 pm start or 1/2 hour after Gymkhana is over.  Unfortunately this one had to be cancelled too.

High School Rodeo October 9th - 11th - More info on this coming soon.  Any questions on this event you can contact Sandy Chevallier at sandylw@shaw.ca

Make Up Gymkhana is scheduled for October 17th.  This will have a 9:00am start as always.  May want to think about spending the night.  Kids can bring their sleeping bags and spend the night in the club house.  We are having a Spaghetti Dinner Fundraiser that night too.

October 18th with a Halloween Gymkhana and Saddle Series Race of the year.  Saddle Series winners will be asked to stick around for we will be giving out the years awards.

Annual Pub Night - November 7th - More info on this coming soon

Yearly Awards Night, Dinner and Banquet - November 14th at our clubhouse!!! - More info coming soon.

See you next month.
Don't forget to check out the Chevallier's Arena Website for events they have going on.  Lets support our members!!

Posted by Darlene (Corresponding Secretary), August 27, 2015



Welcome to the
     Peachland Riding Club

Peachland Riding Club (PRC) is located in beautiful Peachland British Columbia. We have over 8 acres of gorgeous park land with a multitude of trails, a oversized main arena and 2 huge warm-up arenas. We have a full concession on site and a beautiful Clubhouse that holds approximately 110 people and hosts all sorts of different events. In 2008 we built a new announcers building; a great addition which is a 2-story facility that gives timers and announcers a great panoramic view of the whole arena. The Peachland Riding Club grounds and clubhouse are a great place for your next function (Rental Info).

Our club was founded in 1969 and has grown ever since. Besides the monthly Gymkhana Shows that we hold throughout the riding season, we now also hold other events such as Western Heritage, Can Trek, Little Britches and High School Rodeos. Our club also participates in Peachland's 2 yearly parades.

Thank you for visiting us and please feel free to leave us a comment or suggestion and if you need to get a hold of anyone check out the contacts list for further info.

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