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January Newsletter

Membership Renewal

Hello everyone! Hope all are having a really good winter, not liking the snow too much right now but... there’s always fun to be had.

So memberships are due for the 2015 year. They can be typed in so our secretary can read them, printed off and either emailed to Darlene at ddpappas@shaw.ca or you can mail them in to 5380 Princeton Ave Peachland BC. New also this year is e- transfer for payment or you can send a cheque. Don't forget you get a discount if done early!!


1. Membership filled in so that it is readable please. If you can get on line and type it all in the is most appreciated.

2. If Family Membership please include all members of the household riding or not

3. Payment is enclosed or e-transferred

4. Horse Council Number is on form

5. Safety Equipment Form is filled out for the appropriate Age

6. Acknowledgement Release Form is filled out for the appropriate Age.

7. Mailed or emailed to Darlene at ddpappas@shaw.ca

Other News

Our Banquet was awesome. We had a good turnout of members. Please take note that at our AGM is was passed that in the upcoming years you will have to attend the Banquet in order to receive your prizes for the year. There will of course be exceptions for those that will be out of town but we will get to that closer to year end for 2015. Thank you Tera-Lee for your awesome work on Prizes. Thank you again Liz and her friends for the decorating.

There are some events going on already that are on the calendar. Remember if you are a member and you have something horse related that you would like up on the calendar. Remember if you are a member and you have something horse related that you would like up on are please give Darlene an email at ddpappas@shaw.ca and she will be happy to get it up there for you.

Well that is all for now. I will keep in touch on a monthly basis, you can email me at any time if you have questions, concerns or ideas of what you would like to see going on with the club this year. All members are welcome to come to the monthly meetings if they wish too.

Posted by Darlene, January 10, 2015



Welcome to the
     Peachland Riding Club

Peachland Riding Club (PRC) is located in beautiful Peachland British Columbia. We have over 8 acres of gorgeous park land with a multitude of trails, a oversized main arena and 2 huge warm-up arenas. We have a full concession on site and a beautiful Clubhouse that holds approximately 110 people and hosts all sorts of different events. In 2008 we built a new announcers building; a great addition which is a 2-story facility that gives timers and announcers a great panoramic view of the whole arena. The Peachland Riding Club grounds and clubhouse are a great place for your next function (Rental Info).

Our club was founded in 1969 and has grown ever since. Besides the monthly Gymkhana Shows that we hold throughout the riding season, we now also hold other events such as Western Heritage, Can Trek, Little Britches and High School Rodeos. Our club also participates in Peachland's 2 yearly parades.

Thank you for visiting us and please feel free to leave us a comment or suggestion and if you need to get a hold of anyone check out the contacts list for further info.

Next PRC

Monday Jan 26th
6:30pm start
Located at: Chevalliers Arena



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